Shipping Internationally

Shipping internationally is a part of doing business globally, however, it can have some significant challenges.

1. Understand the import rules and regulations around the country you are shipping to. Most couriers have detailed information on restrictions and allowances on their websites.

2. Be prepared to have duties and taxes assessed by customs agents of the destination country.

3. Ensure you include proper documentation with your international shipment (ProForma, Commercial Invoice, etc). This could cause delays and ultimately cause the package to be returned.

4. Safely package your items as the trip is much longer then domestic shipments and could involve truck, rail or air transport.

5. Keep an eye on the tracking. If you notice “custom event” or “custom clearance issue”, reach out to the courier to see what additional information is required.

6. Consider the cost and competency of the courier you select. Using allows you to compare services and rates among trusted couriers.

Shipping internationally can be a science and it is not easy, however, once you understand the various pieces, it can be a valuable part of your revenue generation initiatives.

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