It is those little details that make all the difference when your customers receive a package from your website. Make your packages extra special for your customer with these tips:

1) Customize your packages based on the holiday, season, and type of product you are selling. This small touch goes a long way to improve your customers’ overall experience.

2) Considering adding a little something extra to say “thanks” in your packages this holiday season. That “little extra” can encourage social sharing, positive product ratings and ultimately put the icing on the cake for your customer.

3) Provide special coupon(s) that can be redeemed in the future or by their friends and family. It is a great way to retain your customer and expand into their family/friend circles.

4) Follow up with your customer once the package has been received. Be it a customized automated message or a more personal one, customers love hearing from you after the sale is complete.

No matter how you connect with your customers this holiday season, use a trusted company to deliver their packages. has many courier partners that are waiting to make your customers happy.

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