We love summer, but summer shipping and deliveries are a unique challenge for the food and beverage industry. The heat can easily spoil an entire truckload of goods if you do not plan appropriately.

So what options currently exist for summer deliveries? Here at ShipGooder, we share some best practices and lessons learned from hot weather shipping.

  1. Ice pack shipping

Ice pack shipping has been the traditional way of maintaining a package’s temperature during transit. It helps maintain a consistent cool area around the product. However, it can be costly. You not only have to pay for the package itself, but also the increased dimensional weight of your package due to the ice packs.

  1. Choose a fast shipping option.

The best shipping option for food is often USPS Priority Mail Express via ShipGooder.com, it is USPS’ fastest domestic service. Although we think that the most economical service is USPS Priority Mail via ShipGooder.com,  perishable products may not make this three-day transit option viable. Priority Mail Express is much faster.

  1. Choose the right day to ship

Your shipment will take longer if you ship at the end of the week because it will likely sit idle over the weekend. PerishablesTherefore, it is better to inform your customers that any orders placed after Thursday will be shipped on Monday.

  1. Pack foods securely and box creatively

For example, if you ship chocolate in summer, you may want to use shipping boxes with plastic foam insulation and frozen gel packs to keep your chocolate cool and make sure you keep air space to a minimum while sealing the package tightly.

If you are a ShipGooder customer, and you ship with USPS, please check with USPS shipping restrictions before shipping perishable foods.

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