Save on shipping using ShipGooder.comThe past decade has seen a dramatic shift in the way consumers and businesses order online. Arguing over parking spots, waiting in long lines and travelling all the way to the mall to find out the product you want is already sold out, are quickly becoming problems of the past. With smarter consumers and the rapid advancement of modern technology, the demand for faster and more convenient ways to deliver products has never been higher.

As this demand increases, tolerance for the standards we’ve reached today will decline and new industry standards will have to come into place. In the near future ‘3-5 business days’ will become ‘3-5 business hours’ and the postman could very well become the post drone.

The future of online shopping will likely become more accepted, fast and convenient, as modern technology catches up with the industry. The following article examines some of changes we can expect to see.

The Impact on Physical Stores

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In a highly competitive landscape, businesses are looking to cut costs wherever they can. With a lot of companies offering deals and free online shipping, they are willing to take a small hit on profit if it means securing new customers. There are many options for consumers to find the quickest shipping option for the best price and shippers have to make sure they are able to meet the demand.

Online Retailers like Amazon and Ebay have been at the forefront of the online shopping revolution since it began to take off in the mid-2000’s. Since, physical retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy have entered the scene offering deep discounts and free shipping. Most retailers have diversified and cater to both online and in-store consumers.

Where we’re going:

Year over year, more consumers are opting for the click of the mouse and retailers are feeling the heat. According to Matt Boss, equity research analyst at JP Morgan, the physical storefront can shrink in size by one third in the next 5 to 10 years. To survive, traditional stores are developing bigger online presences.

The biggest impact on stores will be the lighter goods such as clothes and DVD’s, that are easily shipped. Larger items such as refrigerators and couches are more likely to be picked up in store.

Fast Delivery

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“Your package should arrive in 6-8 weeks”. Though the previous phrase was never popular among consumers, it would be borderline unforgivable this day in age. With most online retailers offering same or next day shipping, consumers are growing accustomed to that being the norm. Anything above a couple days shipping is seen as a large inconvenience.

Where we’re going:

The types of shipping methods available to us are in the future may not be drastically different, but certainly will be enhanced for speed. Aside from a couple up and coming technologies, it’s unsure of what new technologies are next to become a part of the future of the shipping landscape.

Currently, Amazon has begun prototyping some lightweight drone delivery vehicles, but have been met with some trouble trying to get approval from government agencies. In 2013, Domino’s Pizza tested a delivery drone as part of a promotional stunt.

Other new technologies like Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop can move people or goods in excess of 700 miles an hour on land.
Certainly speed of delivery is something that should be increased over the next decade.

Consumer Trust

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One thing that has changed over the past few decades is the trust consumers place in online shopping. Previous perceptions of it getting lost in the mail, fear of entering credit card information and online security have been met with quick delivery times and more trusted retailers.

Most shipping services also provide tracking numbers that allow the recipient of a package to see where their product is at any given time. This level of information has provided consumers even more reasons to trust online shopping.

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A new generation of younger shoppers are entering the world of e-commerce and it’s proven that they are more free and trusting with entering their information online. According to PMR, roughly 70% of young people shop online as of 2012.

With people becoming more dependant on their mobile devices, retailers have found ways to make it easy to purchase items with the click of a button. Twitter for one, has implemented Twitter Pay, making it easy for retailers to market to consumers in a simple tweet.


With the ease and convenience online shopping provides and the new and advanced ways things will be delivered, the majority of business transactions are going to be done online. For businesses and consumers alike finding the best ways to save money and ship faster will be essential in the decades ahead.

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