ShipGooder is a comparison shipping service which gets you the best quotes from multiple international, national,  and regional carriers, and conveniently lets you purchase and download shipping labels all in one place.  No more waiting in line at the post office, or spending your evening trying to calculate and compare rates from different couriers.

ShipGooder aims to save you time and money whether you are simply looking to have a single package delivered, or if you need a reliable shipping solution for your ecommerce business.

Not only will you save time organizing a courier delivery by getting all of the best rates in one easy to read place, but you will also be able to take advantage of our preferred negotiated rates, saving you money as well.

All you have to do to get started is to enter the cities or zip/postal codes that you are shipping to and from, and enter some details about the package and delivery options.

Now that we’ve explained how the site works, let’s see it in action!

Let’s say we are shipping a box (11”x9”x6” 10lbs) from New York to Miami, and we want it to arrive in two days.  We want to be sure to get the best shipping rate, so we are going to get quotes from UPS, FedEx, and the USPS websites.  The results are in the chart below.

Carrier Price
UPS $69.14
FedEx $68.61
USPS $24.43

It looks like USPS has the best shipping rate for a two day package delivery.  So how does ShipGooder help you out?  Well for one, despite being very familiar with all of the above shipper’s websites, it still took about 7 minutes to calculate the rates!

Comparing the rates with ShipGooder took just 30 seconds by comparison, and it came out with a best two day shipping rate of $23.70 with free pickup from USPS.  From here it’s super easy to fill in your shipping details, payment information, and print off your shipping labels.

The next time you need to have a package delivered, try out ShipGooder to see how you can save time and money by getting the best shipping quotes all in one place.

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