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There are so many things to consider when preparing for the holidays. Here are some shipping tips to help you plan and prepare for the holiday shipping rush:

1. Extra packing for Fragile items – Use a strong, rigid box, with the appropriate filler on the bottom, sides, and top of your item. Keep in mind that there is a balance between protecting your item and increasing the dimensions of your package.

2. Ship on time and in accordance with your website guarantee – Delayed shipments can cause additional fees by forcing you to use express services. Be realistic on your shipping guarantees on your website and allow customers options for quicker delivery for a fee.

3. Keep on eye on your courier’s international delivery restrictions – Many couriers have published restrictions, delays and non-serviceable routes on their websites. With the current Pandemic, you will want to keep an eye on those and check regularly.

4. Holiday schedules – All couriers have published courier Holiday schedules. Here are a few to help you out:






5. Do not cut costs on your packaging material – Try not to recycle boxes that are in bad shape. This may cause damage to the item in the box and additional fees in transit (repackaging). If you decide to recycle a box, ensure there is no barcodes, previous manufacturing marks or labels from the previous shipment.

We wish you success in fulfilling your customer needs this Holiday season and hopefully these shipping tips help.

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