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Our Shipping Rate comparison Engine is easy to use, allowing you to save on shipping. Whether you are shipping packages, parcels or envelopes, ShipGooder provides you with a total shipping solution.

  • Multiple shipping rates from multiple couriers.
  • Value added services.
  • Easy-to-use tools to manage your shipping.
  • Negotiated savings from our partner carriers.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Discounted shipping rates for frequent shippers.
  • Special offers for frequent shippers.
  • Multiple package shipping.

Save On Shipping

  • Improve your shipping experience:
    • Services designed to add convenience and protection – all in one place.
  • Easy-to-use tools to manage your shipping experience:
    • Contact list.
    • Centralized records of all shipments and documentation.
    • History of past shipments.
  • Discounted shipping rates for frequent shippers.
  • Special offers for frequent shippers.
  • Special offers for customers spreading the word:
    • Sharing the site through social media and/or to those that ship in high volumes.
  • Negotiated savings from our partner carriers:
    • Additional discounts for customers who frequently use our shipping solutions.
  • Multiple payments methods (Paypal, Credit Card, ShipGooder Credits):
    • Choose your preferred payment method or purchase. When you ship a package, parcel or envelope on, you can pay for that package using PayPal, Major Credit Cards and ShipGooder Credits.
    • ShipGooder Credits help you save even more money on your shipments. Pre-purchase credits using PayPal or your Credit Card, and receive additional credits for free. NOTE: ShipGooder Credits are currently unavailable.
  • Shopping cart access for multiple package shipping.
  • Ship multiple packages to one address in one transaction.
  • Shipping multiple packages to multiple addresses.
  • Add each package in your shopping cart and you only have to process the order once.

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