With the giving season well underway, packages are being sent to and fro at an accelerated rate. Now especially, consumers need to be attentive to their purchases.

Anything left unsupervised presents ample opportunity for thieves to carry off into obscurity. Luckily, there are several methods to prevent this holiday travesty without needing a state-of-the-art security system.

The easiest solution, and the one most recommended by law enforcement and shipping companies alike, is to be home when the package is nearing delivery.

Making use of the tracking number and various package-tracking apps is the easiest way to figure out when a shipment is due to arrive.

Failing that, the UPS, the FedEx, and the United States Postal Service (USPS) all provide a scheduling service to make package delivery more convenient to the consumer.

A useful way to ensure that you or someone you trust is home to receive the package is to request that the courier ask for a signature upon delivery.

This may incur additional charges as it might require the courier to return multiple times to the address.

It is also possible to send packages to a place of employment, or to a friend’s or neighbor’s house to ensure it is received by a trusted individual.

Additionally, it is possible to ask the shipping company to hold onto the package until it can be picked up at its owner’s convenience.

For those times when it is impossible to guarantee the package will be delivered into waiting arms, the police and shipping companies recommend making arrangements for the delivery to be left in an enclosed area (like a shed, garage or basement) or otherwise obscured from public view.

Thieves can’t steal what they can’t see.

Lastly, regardless of delivery method, shipping insurance is the best way to guarantee compensation of lost, stolen, or damaged goods. For instance, UPS guarantees up to one hundred dollars per package at no extra charge.

They will insure a declaration of value up to fifty thousand dollars per package at an additional charge, though they seem reluctant to state hat that rate is on their website.

FedEx and other shippers have similar arrangements.

Safety aside, when making any last-minute shipping decisions, be sure to consult the holiday mail-by dates provided by the USPS to see that it arrives to its destination on time.

For a December 25th standard ground delivery, the USPS recommends shipping by December 15th. Packages sent First Class can be sent out on the 20th and Priority Mail can go out on the 21st. For those eleventh hour shipping emergencies, Priority Mail Express can be sent out on December 23rdand still make it in time for the 25th.

Anyone looking to send mail to a loved one in Military service should be advised that December 16th is the latest date to send something out by Priority Mail Express and be sure it arrives on the 25th.

Visit the ShipGooder website for a full list of domestic, international, and military shipping dates this holiday season: www.shipgooder.com

Source: http://www.wayneindependent.com/news/20161202/keeping-shipments-safe-this-holiday

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