Shipping presents a special challenge for small businesses. Small businesses need to access competitive shipping rates to allow them to reduce their overhead and to compete with larger companies. So how can you reduce shipping costs and increase margins? ShipGooder of course!

Save time researching shippers and then comparing rates. ShipGooder provides a simple shipping rate calculator solution for comparing rates and shipping providers all in one place.

Don’t want to set up an account to take advantage of online prices? Use ShipGooder to access discounts of 10% to 40% on USPS online commercial prices without needing to set up an account.

What is USPS online Commercial pricing?

United States Postal Service customers receive cheaper rates when they purchase and print out their mailing labels with ShipGooder. These discounts are automatically calculated into the rates that ShipGooder provides for you. There is no need to provide a coupon code or set up an account.

Fast and easy. Search, ship and save with ShipGooder.

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