how-to-print-shipping-labels (1) allows you to print USPS shipping labels easily from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

ShipGooder’s USPS shipping labels are a custom printed USPS postage label that includes postage, delivery address, return address, a barcode for tracking. It can be printed on plain paper, and can be shipped on all kinds of packages, boxes, large envelopes and bubble mailers.

Now let’s dive into how to print a USPS shipping label with

Step 1:

  • Enter your origin and destination addresses;
  • Check the box if your destination is a residential address;
  • Select whether you want to drop off your shipment at the nearest post office or have someone come pick it up;
  • Specify if your shipment is a package or an envelope;
  • Select the unit of measurement you would like to enter your package details in;
  • Enter the weight and the dimensions;
  • Click “GET RATES”.


Step 2:

  • Select your mail class. The cost for each mail class is displayed. You can choose either the fastest or the cheapest.
  • You can also check other rates from other couriers as ShipGooder gives you the comparison to ensure you are getting the best value.


Step 3:

  • Enter your package value;
  • If you would like to purchase insurance for your package, click “GET INSURANCE QUOTE”;
  • Click “?” to view insurance terms. Then click “NEXT”.


Step 4:

  • Enter shipper’s name, email address and telephone number, and apartment or suite number if applicable;
  • Enter recipient’s name, address, and telephone number, and apartment or suite number if applicable;
  • Then click “ADD TO CART ”


Step 5:

  • If you already logged into your account, you will see the total cost. If everything is correct, click “PROCEED TO CHECK OUT.”
  • If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one.


Step 6:

  • You can either pay with ShipGooder credits, credit card or PayPal;
  • Enter your payment details and billing address, then click “CONTINUE”.


Step 7:

  • Now load your plain paper and print postage.


That’s it. Congratulations! You are ready to ship your package.


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