Everyone loves summer. People are so much happier when summer comes around. However, summer months bring with them a slump in online sales, unless you have a storefront located somewhere surrounded by tourists.

Shoppers spenSummer Salesd more time with their families, outdoors, or on vacation. They are distracted from their computers and mobile devices.

If you have no plan to take a summer vacation, we would like to share a few ideas to keep up your summer sales and start getting ready for your back-to-school sales month.

  1. Update the look and the feel of your website

If you sell summer products, adding photos of beaches, the outdoors, barbeques and other summer time activities and let your shoppers know that your site is fun and current.

  1. People always buy new stuff for the beach and vacation

If you sell beachwear, food and drink accessories, beach toys for kids or camera accessories, you could be a winner in the summer time.

  1. Focus on summer celebrations

Summer is the busiest season for weddings. This offers opportunities for online retailers selling gifts and household items.

  1. Home and garden goods are top sellers in summer

Outdoor décor, garden accessories, and barbecue accessories are obviously popular in summer. Even if you are a clothing retailer, you can still create a garden party theme to increase your clothing sales.

  1. Instill a sense of urgency in your sales message and convince shoppers that they need to buy now
  • Offer a limited-time price discount.
  • Offer additional bonuses if shoppers buy within a certain time frame.
  • Offer a limited quantity of your products.


  1. Choose low cost and reliable shipping options

In general, summer is a pretty slow season for online retailers. Saving time and money are becoming even more important. Our customers always find a way to save a little more at ShipGooder.com. When time and money are tight, they are able to stretch their budgets and improve their margins.

We hope our post will help you keep your cool during the seasonal shopping slump. Happy selling!

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