Labor negotiations between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have been ongoing since late 2015. And the parties are now in the final phrase. The number one sticking point in negotiations involves changes to employee pension plans.

If you still remember, the last time Canada Post experienced a worker’s strike was in 2011. They had rotating strikes for ten days and a lockout. The Ottawa government legislated employees back to work eventually.

According to the latest news from CBC, Canada Post issues 72-hour lockout notice, work stoppage possible Friday.

Although Canada Post said the 72-hour notice does not necessarily mean it will shut down on Friday, a legal service disruption could occur as early as Friday. In the event of a labor disruption, Canada Post will not operate. Mail and parcels will not be delivered, and no new items will be accepted at the post office. Any mail and parcels within the postal system during the strike will be delivered once operations resume.

With Canadians shopping online 24/7, Canada Post strike could be disastrous and a scary prospect for online sellers.

We encourage Canadian online retailers to make contingency plans in the event of a Canada Post work stoppage by using alternative shipping methods. Let’s say if you are shipping a parcel from Toronto to Vancouver, weighing 3 lbs, size at 8 in X 8 in X 8 in. You can easily find the following options at

canada post

Canpar Courier via offers a reliable, cost effective alternative for your day-to-day shipping needs, and helps you survive a Canada Post strike. You won’t be impacted if Canada Post goes on strike or gets locked out if you plan ahead. Happy shipping!

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