While online shopping has spread rapidly across the U.S., Americans aren’t ready yet to embrace drone delivery of their goods. Less than half of Americans say they are interested in having a drone deliver the items they order, according to a new survey conducted by ReportLinker.

Researchers named privacy, safety and regulations as reasons Americans aren’t ready yet to embrace drone delivery. U.S. regulators have yet to nail down rules for drone operation, although the Federal Aviation Administration has set forth some guidelines.

Experimenting with drone delivery

UPS is also trying it out since it is particularly interested in making deliveries very fast. UPS dropped an asthma inhaler to a patient in a distant location on an island along the coast. A trip that usually takes 30 minutes only took six.

Boosting delivery speed raises customer satisfaction

Cutting the amount of time it takes to deliver packages is a natural focus of drone delivery. Delivery speed plays an important role in customer satisfaction, as companies that keep their customers happy are much more competitive than those that don’t. Shoppers who buy things online want their goods as quickly as possible, and ReportLinker’s survey also indicates just how import fast shipping is to customers. The median score on the importance of fast shipping was six, according to the survey. Women tended to rate speed of shipping higher than men, giving it a median score of seven.

 Drone delivery will help cut costs

Speed isn’t the only reason perfecting drone delivery is important for retailers and shipping companies such as UPS, as cutting costs is also important. Businesses could save lots of money by delivering its own packages and even more money through drone delivery.
Customers also respond to cost when it comes to delivering their packages, as almost half of respondents said they mainly chose USPS because of cost. Forty-four percent of non-Amazon Prime users named cost as the main reason for choosing USPS.

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source: http://www.valuewalk.com/2016/12/drone-delivery-americans-arent-quite-ready-yet/

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