USPS Online Discounted Rates

Did you know ShipGooder gives you access to savings you can’t get at the USPS Post office?

In fact, ShipGooder’s shipping rates are always cheaper than the retail rates at the post office and are saving our customers up to 20% on their shipping costs (up to 40% with other couriers listed).

Since the USPS stopped offering these online price discounts on their website, ShipGooder has been able to provide our customers these discounts when they purchase and print off the shipping labels on our website

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I qualify for these savings?”, the simple answer is anyone using our service is entitled to these discounts as they are automatically calculated in our easy-to-use shipping rate calculator – without ever having to set up an account.

If you’re a small to mid-size business, these discounts go a long way in helping reduce your overhead costs and help you compete with larger companies.

Our USPS online discount rates are available for the following USPS mail classes:

Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First Class Package Service, First Class Package International Service, Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express International and Global Express.

Search, ship and save with ShipGooder.

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