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History of ShipGooder

ShipGooder was founded in October 2006 with the goal of becoming the place to go to get shipping quotes. ShipGooder.com launched in August 2007, as the first, and now most used, shipping comparison site in North America. Through our package shipping quote engine, our customers have access to the best available delivery rates from multiple couriers.

We used extensive customer research about the shipping experience to develop an easy, online platform, offering shipping quotes in real-time.

Our Shipping Rate Engine

The ShipGooder Rate Engine is designed to help our customers with:

  • Shipping rate comparisons
  • Easy-to-use shipping tools
  • Discounted shipping rates for frequent users
  • Quick and accurate shipping quotes including:
    • Parcel and package shipping quotes
    • Envelope shipping quotes
    • Parcel and package delivery options
    • Envelope delivery options
    • Additional package shipping options and services
  • US Shipping
  • Canadian Shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Cross border Shipping

Our Carriers 

We have also partnered with major carriers including USPS, DHL, Purolator, CanPar and Dicom, and others for US delivery, Canadian delivery, Cross-border delivery and international delivery.

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