When you think of marketing, what tactics first bounce off your mind? Are you thinking SEO, email campaigns or social? All those tactics are a great way of bringing customers to your site. But the real question is how do you get them to repurchase or become loyal customers?

Don’t overlook the opportunity of becoming their favorite online store and switching them into lifetime shoppers. One often overlooked method is when you “ship” their package. A box carrying a customer’s order is another direct mail marketing vehicle and it can help a great deal in generating repeat purchase!

The only question remains- what do we put in the box?

1: Put Coupons in the Box
Sending coupons in the box is a great way to encourage repeat sales by offering customers a chance to buy products at a lower cost. The more generic the discount the better the chance of a repeat sale. Make sure your coupon covers discounts on variety of your store’s products. Restricting your discounts to specific products may not perform well. You will learn this quickly by tracking which coupons are more effective than others. This allows your company to optimize in-box marketing offers to get the most out of each new coupon.

2: Put Free Merchandise in the Box of other products you sell
Customers are enticed by free stuff. Free stuff or product samples let your customers know that you’re serious about building a long-term relationship with them. It also encourages your customers to try a variety of the products that your store has to offer. As an example, SingleJoCoffee.com puts an extra pod of coffee for every box of coffee that is sold.  This is a great way of letting their customers sample coffee pods that they’ve never tried before.

3: Put a Treat in the Box of a product you sell
People love receiving something on discount but do you know what they love better than that? Receiving something for FREE.  Customers feel rewarded for shopping every time they see a treat along with their purchase. If you’re shipping within the country then you can always put in treats like chocolate, lollipops or even a gift cards to popular restaurants in the box along with the order.

4: Put a Review Request in the Box:
It is pretty straightforward that in a digital era like this, product reviews positively impact conversion rate and are considered staples for eCommerce websites. Include a simple, easy to fill review request in the box or encourage them to do a shout out on social media. Based on the response, you can then alter your approach towards your customers. A review request reminds your customers how valuable their opinion is.

5: Put a Catalogue in the box
One of the best direct marketing methods that encourage existing shoppers to come back is throwing in a catalogue with the order. Adding a catalog of your current selection of products or upcoming products, is an effective way of keeping your customers attention. Exposing your customers to a variety of products that your store offers could entice them to buy more.

6: Put a Gift for Repeat Customers in a box
Customers love being surprised. Nurture your customers by providing gifts for repeat purchases. Random gifts can go a long way in customer loyalty and could encourage social media mentions. Many online stores will provide gifts every 3-6 purchases.

7: Put a Handwritten Thank You note
Including a handcrafted thank-you card in your customer’s package is another great way to show your appreciation and personal touch. Hand-written notes are a great strategy for small companies, as they are inexpensive and thoughtful. If you ship a lot of orders daily then hand-writing a note becomes infeasible. In this case, you can type a thank you out and personally sign them.

Ultimately, we suggest that you make this shipping process as personal as you can. Your customers will appreciate it and you will enjoy the repeat business. ShipGooder.com is always here for you. Your packages are in safe hands and will always arrive on time.

Team ShipGooder.

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