The process of shipping can have a major impact on pollution emissions across the globe whether it is by land, sea or air. But there are ways to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and opt for sustainable solutions.
The environmental movement continues to grow and packaging/shipping is one of many elements that can help businesses contribute toward Eco-friendly solutions that help limit the carbon footprint on the world. Here are some ways that you as a business can help keep the earth green.

1: Find a “green” shipper

  • Find shipping companies that are committed to not just sustainable packaging but also focus on low emission on transportation.
  • partners with courier companies that primarily practice “green” shipping methods.
  • Our partners such as USPS, Dicom, DHL & CanPar practice green shipping by providing eco-friendly packages that meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiatives (SFI) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification standards.

 opt for Eco-friendly packaging content.
  • There are a number of ways for businesses to go green and packaging is the number one consideration that can provide various Eco-friendly outcomes.
  • Businesses can lessen their impact on the environment by using alternate packaging materials like recycled cardboard and paper, cornstarch, Eco-friendly plastics and/or packaging made with organic material.
  • Many manufacturers and online retailers offer Eco-friendly alternatives suitable for a multitude of applications and industries.
  • Whatever material you opt for; know that green packaging solutions are available in the market today.
3: Use Eco-friendly filling material
  • Using Styrofoam can be hazardous to the environment in many ways. The manufacturing process of this petroleum-based, non-sustainable product generates immense amount of waste.
  • Though prices vary depending on the box, biodegradable filler can be competitive in price with traditional packing peanuts. For instance, a 20-cubic foot bag of organic starch cushioning costs just $2 more than the synthetic version.
4: Keep size in mind.
  • By reducing the size and volume of your packages you not only use fewer materials, these packages take considerably less space on the vehicles thereby improving the carbon footprint.
  • Increase in small-scale packaging can also help grow a company’s profit by cutting material costs and improving the efficiency of the space used in transit.
5: Schedule a pickup
  • It is highly recommended to schedule a package pickup than personally driving to a postal office since delivery trucks are already on route.
  • Major delivery service routes are already optimized to be fuel-efficient, and companies can generally give their parcels to the regular delivery person.
  •  The post office generally picks up packages for free.
6: Offset your carbon footprint
  • Carbon offsetting is a way of reducing the emissions that you can’t. It helps to combat global climate change.
  • Even the greenest shippers leave an environmental footprint.
  • Carbon offsetting can be broken into 3 basic steps
    1: Calculate/measure your carbon footprint
    2: Start reducing your carbon emission
    3: Offset any remaining or unavoidable carbon emissions via high quality carbon offset projects.
7: Develop a return plan
  • As an ecommerce company once you start shipping more goods because of online sales, you are likely to receive a higher number of returns. It is important to develop a return plan that takes the environment and cost both into account.
  • It is recommended to avoid processing a return because of the fuel used and pollution created in sending the product back. In a situation where the product is defective it could be recycled instead of returned which will have a different  environmental impact.
  • For inexpensive items, consider sending a new product without requesting the old one back. This helps in eliminating the pollution caused by return shipping.

Explore the variety of Eco-friendly options available in the market today and go green!

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