If you’re looking to expand your business overseas this year, we have put together 4 of the most important tips & tricks to help you reduce risk, complexity and cost.

1: Types of International shipping available on ShipGooder.com
There are many vendors, times and dates to consider when choosing a shipping partner for your international packages and envelopes. Choosing the right shipping partner depends on your delivery preferences and the urgency of the shipment.

ShipGooder.com partners with international couriers such as USPS and DHL express to provide the best shipping rates and services. We’ve put together some standard information on our partners that provide international courier services to make it easier for you to choose your preferred shipping partner to work with.

USPS First Class International

  • Delivery can take up to 21 days
  • It is eligible and a great option for packages that are 4 pounds and lighter
  • If you’re not using a USPS-produced Priority Mail International® Box, the total girth (distance around the thickest part) of your package is up to 108″
  • You can print your USPS shipping labels via ShipGooder.com
  • This is the most affordable USPS shipping option

USPS Priority Mail International Delivery in 3-10 days

  • Tracking information is available, but there is no delivery confirmation
  • Faster arrival times than First Class International, but at a higher cost and with less security
  • Maximum package weight is 70 pounds
  • You can print your USPS shipping label via ShipGooder.com

USPS Express Mail International

  • Delivery in 1-5 days.
  • Maximum package weight is 70 pounds.
  • Date-specific delivery and money-back guarantee for select countries.
  • You can print your USPS Express Mail International shipping labels via ShipGooder.com

 DHL Express

  • DHL offers worldwide services, including deliveries to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Myanmar (formerly Burma).
  • Delivery takes between 1-8 business days, options range from emergency same day, through guaranteed time-critical next day, to less urgent options.
  • You can print your DHL Express International shipping label via Shipgooder.com

2. Watch out for restricted products

Selling products like a cigarette lighter to a buyer in your region may not be a problem whereas shipping it to someone in Paris would result in two letters-NO! This is because the French government does not permit the import of cigarette lighters into the country. It is not just importing a cigarette lighter, there are various other restrictions and rules in every country that you’ll look to ship to. Another example would be carbon paper, Ireland restricts the import of carbon paper, except for typewriter carbon paper that must be described on the customs declaration as follows: “Typewriter carbon paper coated with wax and containing no oxidable or fatty substances.”
Avoid shipping products that contain any of the items on the list below, internationally. These items can’t be shipped at all through the USPS.
• Aerosols
• Air bags
• Alcoholic beverages
• Ammunition
• Cigarettes
• Dry Ice
• Explosives
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Gasoline
• Nail Polish
• Perfumes Containing Alcohol
• Poison
• Pool Chemicals
To know learn more about what can and can’t be shipped worldwide, have a look at USPS’s country list of prohibited items: https://www.usps.com/ship/shipping-restrictions.htm

3. Shipping to certain countries is easier
Given the rules and regulations, it can be a good idea to learn about international ecommerce by targeting specific countries first. For example, it can be a lot easier for U.S.-based online retailers to ship to Canada or Mexico than to ship to Uganda.
Pick one or two countries, learn the ropes, and then expand accordingly.

4. Shipping Taxes, Tariffs, & Duties
Shipping taxes differ from country to country and require different declaration forms. Shipping to any of your preferred EU nations may require you to fill either a CN22 or CN23 form. The forms are sender’s declarations that essentially outline the goods included in the package. You may also be subjected to paying a custom duty, an import VAT (value of goods + transport charges + duties) and possibly an excise duty (value of goods + transport charges). While structuring your global shipping strategy decide whether you’ll ship to all countries or select countries based on their import taxes and duties. As the sender, make sure to double check all the shipping rules and regulations before sending out the package to the buyer. Consider working with a shipping provider such as ShipGooder.com to get the most cost effective international shipping rates.

At ShipGooder.com we hope that we made it a little easy for you to tackle international shipping this year, if you would like to know more about international shipping please feel free to reach us at [email protected] or call us at 1-844-744-7969 and we will be happy to assist you.

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