No Matter what you sell on your ecommerce store, you will have competition. Running a successful ecommerce store requires smart planning and a lot of hard work.

With the ability to1458588336_tmp_shutterstock_272307353 shop anywhere at anytime with any device, consumers are demanding excellence and consistency at every touch point and are challenging you to keep up.

From figuring out what to sell online to shipping logistics, you have to take into account almost everything.

Here at ShipGooder, we know the importance of building a successful ecommerce business, and we would like to share some of the most advanced tips from our experts that you can use to gain an immediate competitive advantage.

  1. Driving traffic to your site and optimizing sales funnel

After launching the site, talk and connect with as many potential customers as possible, and focus on driving traffic to the site using Pay Per Click campaigns and Facebook Ads.  Make sure you are targeting the right buyer persona or you will just be burning cash. Set up Google Analytics and conversion tracking to measure which campaigns are working and which are not.  By tracking and measuring and making consistent improvements, you will be able to make more money.

  1. Providing the best customer service in your industry

Ecommerce store owners need to create customer confidence. A successful online store makes it is easy for customers to connect with a human. At the end of the day, you are not hiding behind a website. A customer service phone number or contact method should be on every page of the website. Check out how Zappos became one of the largest online shoe stores by providing fantastic customer service.

  1. Boost your customer loyalty

We all know that personalization and customization can go a long way toward building a relationship with your customers. The thing is, personalization is much more than sending an email with the customers’ name on it.  Want to know what else you can do? Use a marketing automation platform to set up and send greetings or offers on your customer’s birthday, anniversary, and holidays.

  1. Save your costs

With raising costs and competition, it has become harder for ecommerce store owners to boost profits and while keeping competitive prices. Until now, we have focused on generating more revenue, but that’s only half of the profit equation, reducing costs is the other.

Shipping costs are typically a big drain on financial resources for ecommerce businesses. While paying for shipping is inevitable, many online retailers are paying more than necessary because they are relying on big carriers and are not comparing shipping rates.

Although all major carriers provide shipping resources for ecommerce business, they are mainly focused on big shippers. Online shipping search and comparison solutions such as ShipGooder can help you gain efficiencies in your shipping costs. Do yourself a favour and utilize these tools to help save money where it counts.


Want your ecommerce business to grow? It is important to understand what your customers want and to experiment with technologies that improve overall customer experience and operational efficiency.

We hope that this article has given you a few ideas to consider. If you have any other tips that you have found useful, please share with us in the comments below.

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