Trends_ResizedAs the World Wide Web turns 25 years old in 2016, we are reminded it is still young and rapidly changing. New ways consumers are searching and being offered products are seemingly being invented or innovated year over year. As the online marketplace evolves, ecommerce trends continue to change, it’s important for your online business to stay current and adapt to these changes. Here are a few rising trends in the online marketplace today.

Social Media Purchases

We know it is important for any business to have a social profile. In the past they have been good for communicating with your target market and sharing news and offers. Now they are becoming key conversion tools for companies. Purchase or “buy now” buttons on sites or apps like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, have customers making quick impulsive buys.

Beacon Technology

More stores are utilizing beacons that transmit different types of messages or offers directly to customers mobile phones based on their location. This type of technology makes it easier for online businesses to geo-target consumers. A great example of this technology working in action is a dog owner walking through a dog park and they get an offer on their phone for a new dog-leash shipped right to their door. This is primarily being experimented with ways to draw customers into their stores, but it is poised to become a great method for increasing online sales.

Online Conversations

More companies are investing in online chat modules for their websites. When utilized correctly, chats will help nudge customers in the right direction usually by offering insight into the product, helping understand what the customer is looking for and communicating current offers and discounts.

Adapting in Real Time

Before companies would have to react to issues on their website months after they knew they were happening. Now with faster ways of tracking data, businesses are able to react and adapt to site issues more instantaneously. If a product on the front page isn’t selling as well as another after an hour, it can be noted and switched right away.

A Newer Shipping Standard

Nowadays companies like Amazon Prime are able to offer next-day or even same-day shipping. With customers beginning to accept this shipping speed as the standard, it’s going to be harder for smaller businesses to keep up. There are ways to remain competitive however as sites like can compare shipping rates among all carriers across US and Canada, finding online retailers the fastest shipping method for the lowest cost.


To keep your online business profitable this year and the next, it’s important to keep track of these trends and find better ways of shipping your products to your customers. Use ShipGooder’s shipping estimate calculator to see how much your company can save at the post office.

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